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Websites for Small Businesses

By popular request, we are bringing our “Websites for Small Businesses” plan back! Unlike most of the discount websites available on the web today, our plan is truly customized for your business.

Our basic plan includes the following services:

  • Make recommendations and Search for an available domain name
  • Purchase of the domain (for one year) and set up for web-hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Free face-to-face consultation with customer to discuss objectives, ambitions, and competition
  • Design of website depending on customer’s logo, look and feel (up to 4 hours)
  • Setup of initial pages by integrating the content and pictures provided by customer
  • Recommendations on how to promote the website, including search engine optimization

We believe every small business needs a website!

As you do your website planning and list the features you wish to have, our web designers will take this into consideration as they select the technologies to use while building your site.  If your current budget does not allow all the features to be implemented from the start, our website developer will know what to accommodate for in the future.

Developing Data Driven Website

Lyons Computers is always up to the challenge! We will scale any amount of data and do the research. Placing any amount of data into information ecosystem is our promise.

  • Our team will take any amount of data to build your webiste
  • Our team can build a large scale website from a huge assortment of data provided by our client
  • Our research team will determine the most effective way to use your data
  • Our team will build a design pattern and model to jump start the project
  • Our development team will start the agile process and collaborate with our client throughout the process
  • Our team will deliver and deploy a great, finished product to your server

Throughout the process we will make sure your big data driven project is a complete success. So we appreciate your trust in our development team.

eCommerce Development

Developing, managing and maintaining your eCommerce site on your own can be hard work requiring a huge amount of time and energy.   Allow Lyons Computers to use our expertise to build your site. Let us know the features you have in mind and we will use our skills to develop and implement your eCommerce site. We will build your site with ease and ensure your site performs well. Our goal is to provide a good user experience along with a good design. What else will we provide with an eCommerce package:

  • Our team will build your eCommerce site with the world’s most flexible eCommerce platform
  • Payment integration with your site, PayPal, MasterCard, Bank Check, bitcoin, etc
  • Our team will make sure that each customer has a good experience with your website
  • Our team will create your site with a good user interface
  • Lyons will give our clients an option to allow us to maintain your site for a monthly fee

We are here to maximize your profit as a business owner.  Our promising coders will take your website to the next level. So lets talk about your project.

Lets Talk about Your Project

We are really interested to hear your ideas and turn them into business for you. Our promising programmers are always ready to take on any challenge. Along the way you can trust Lyons to build your business. Lyons is your complete IT solution. So lets talk about your project.

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